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Who is israelkwalker?

Israel K Walker.  That’s my real name, and this blog is an experiment in self honesty, public honesty, and boundaries.

I grew up in a loose sect of Christianity that was both uniquely American and cultish.  The unique belief structure I grew up with caused me a lot of stress, but it also kept me from having to confront a lot of things in myself and the world around me that I didn’t have the emotional maturity to deal with.  As I developed the maturity, the stress and the belief system went away together.

I’m a Skeptic, so I believe in evidence.

Evidence leads me to be an atheist, Hobbesian Humanist, left-libertarian, pro-science, pro-feminism/womanism.

Still needing a personal philosophy, I lean towards existentialist nihilism.  I think truth is that which conforms to reality, and I think its beautiful.


Posted January 14, 2012 by israelkwalker

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  1. Maybe you should write something here.

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