Graphic Anti-Choice Ads May Air During the Superbowl , and liberal shame   Leave a comment

Graphic Anti-Choice Ads May Air During the Superbowl

Um. no. Just no.  

Let me start of with the word “abortion”.  Abortion is a the noun form of the verb “abort”.  Abort means to stop a process prematurely, often before a certain point of no return.  This is why an aircraft landing stopped at the last minute is called an aborted landing.  It’s a very precise term in the sense that it means to stop the process before the final moment, but imprecise in the sense that it communicates nothing about when in the process the abortion happened.  A mission could be aborted before the plane even left the ground, or aborted when the planes were in a holding pattern over the target. 

The problem with abortion as a term is that a first trimester fetus is about an inch long and it looks like a tadpole.  It’s a smudge of (unique) human DNA, but no sane person thinks that a smudge of (unique) human DNA is interchangeable with a person.   A lump of (unique) human tissue the size of a lima bean is not anything worth risking a woman’s life for. The only thing to give one pause is the fact that it is a potential person. The mother, however, is fully a person.  The only way you could think it was OK to risk person’s physical or mental health for a potential person’s possible, future physical or mental health, is if you put an exceptionally low value on the life of the mother.  Being that mothers are women, this (reasonably) pisses feminists off. 

On the end of the spectrum is a end of the third trimester “fetus”.  I put fetus in scare quotes that time because because using the same standard of a sane person, no sane person is going to call it anything but baby.  It is total viable outside the uterus with minimal physical or financial investment. I am aware that fetus is a technical term for offspring in utero and infant is the technical term for it post utero.  Terms have emotional loads, and doctors are right to use technical terms so that the issue at hand can be discussed as logically as possible without clouding it with emotions.  It is because of that fact, and not in spite of it, that term baby is used.  

Nobody says “Hey, cute infant.” or “Wanna see my new grand infant?”.  No one refers to a loved one by the affectionate diminutive “infant”, and no one calls their favorite car “infant”, or says of their favorite pair of shoes “Check out these infants!”  We say baby, because baby means something deeper and more primal than infant, and no sane person looks at what is technically called a late third trimester fetus and sees anything but a baby.

Again, by technical definition it’s still not a person.  It has no hopes. No dreams. It does not produce anything but poop, snot, tears and an awful racket. But it will, and protecting this potential orthodontist, sage, grave robber, or senator is a matter of both evolutionary and socially contractional importance.  That importance, that primal drive to protect and save, is why people don’t say “My wife had an infant” and why people do say “My wife had a baby.”  It might just be something worth risking a woman’s life for.  Hell, mothers and fathers both have found it something worth killing for, and society at large has seen their actions as right and just. 

Hearing the christo-fascist right blather about the sanctity of human life makes me want to puke as much as the next liberal.  Their emotional and legislative response isn’t to the reality of most abortion (90 percent are done in the first 13 weeks) “killing” a lump of unique human DNA that is special only because we have the science to know that if everything worked out it could be a baby in 9 months, but instead to their apocalyptic opium visions of baby pâté with all the horror and revulsion that image inspires.

This ad comes from the christo-fascists, but I find the mainstream left’s treatment of it more offensive, because the left claims a corner on human dignity and freedom which they simply are not showing in this case.  A late third trimester abortion is, if not murdering a baby, something terrifyingly like it, and the christo-fascist claim that the left hates pictures of aborted fetuses because it makes the ugly truth of reality impossible to ignore seems legit.  It doesn’t matter how rare it is, the idea of late third term abortion being legal and easy is unsettling, and frankly should be unsettling.  

The images in the ad are not “graphic”.  Truth is never graphic, only stylized depictions can be graphic.  Style means adding a subtext, an author’s vision. Reality is, without regard to anyone’s moral sensibilities; it cannot be graphic.  If you find reality unsettling, tough titties, because it’s the only place you get to exist.   To have liberals writing and passing articles around the internet which infer, “Well the images should have been censored, but due to a loophole, free speech won out” is crime against the very principals of liberalism.   Finally to call this anti-choice…(what thesis isn’t anti-choice for at least one position?) instead of anti-abortion (the thesis in question) is Orwellian nonsense.   If it’s not OK when the “bad guys” do it, it’s not OK when we do it.  The way to fight propaganda is with truth, not counter propaganda.

Shame, fellow liberals.  Shame on you all.  




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